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Can Adults Have ADD?

ADD, or attention deficit disorder is a mental health condition characterized by difficulty concentrating or poor impulse control. ADD is often associated with children but affects adults as well. Children with ADD will still have the condition when they reach adulthood, although they might have developed methods for better managing it by then. There can also be adults with ADD who were never diagnosed as children. Dr. Arvinder Walia and Dr. Wendy Lowry, the providers at Northwest Psychiatry in Austin, diagnose and treat ADD in children and adults.

Signs of ADD

Some several symptoms and behaviors can be an indication of ADD in an adult or a child. Although, occasionally displaying certain symptoms commonly associated with the disorder does not mean a person truly has ADD. There must be a pattern of behaviors or symptoms that persist across all aspects of the individual’s life, including work, school, home, and elsewhere.

Some of the common signs that a person might have ADD include:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Misplacing items regularly
  • An inability to concentrate
  • The tendency to fidget a lot
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Impulsive or disruptive behavior
  • Difficulty focusing attention on a specific task
  • Difficulty listening or focusing during a conversation

The best way to determine if you or a family member truly has ADD is to see an experienced psychiatrist or mental health professional who can perform essential tests and make an accurate diagnosis.

Treating ADD

ADD cannot be cured, but there are treatments and techniques to help individuals manage symptoms and function better in different settings and situations. Medications and behavioral therapy are two effective treatment options for helping individuals improve concentration, attention, and focus, while also diminishing impulsivity.

Some individuals do well with either medication or behavioral therapy only, while others thrive through a combination of both. The skilled providers at our practice in Austin can develop an ADD treatment plan tailored to you or your family member’s specific needs.

Adults can have ADD. The disorder just happens to be diagnosed in most individuals while they are still in adolescence. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Walia or Dr. Lowry to discuss treatment options for ADD by calling Northwest Psychiatry in Austin at (512) 342-7979.

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