Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone Treatment in Austin, TX

When you or a loved one is dealing with an opioid addiction, it’s important to understand that weaning off the drug can be difficult. Withdrawal can be painful and frustrating and can be hard to go through without any additional assistance or treatment. By talking to your addiction specialist, you may find that you’re eligible for suboxone therapy and you can find that it can greatly improve your life and help you learn to conquer your addiction and live your best life again.

Using Suboxone Treatment for Withdrawal

Withdrawal is not an easy process and can make it difficult to recover from addiction. When you need to stabilize during withdrawal, our doctor might recommend suboxone therapy. This can be used during the medical detoxification process and as maintenance treatment during recovery from opioid use. Suboxone treatment is administered through a dissolvable film and helps to provide your body with similar effects to opioids, but in a weaker manner.

Suboxone treatment can help to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings and won’t give your body the full effect of normal opioids. This helps you on your journey to recovery from opioid addiction.

The length of your treatment may vary depending on the severity of drug addiction and just your general reactions. Some people may only need it during the withdrawal process and others may want to depend on it for maintenance and throughout their life. Suboxone therapy can help encourage recovery and make it easier for you to function without the constant use of opioids.

Opioid addiction is a serious problem, but there are ways to kick your addiction safely. Contact our psychiatric team at Northwest Psychiatry today to learn more about how suboxone treatment can help during your recovery process. You can reach us in our Austin, TX office at (512) 342-7979, so call today!

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