Our emotions ebb and flow. Some moments we may be feeling on top of the world while other moments we may be feeling hopeless and sad. It’s normal to have bouts of sadness, especially after a serious stressor such as losing a job or the death of a loved one; however, sometimes these symptoms of sadness and hopelessness last longer than expected and can be signs of clinical depression. If you or a loved one is battling depression, you aren’t alone. Our Austin, TX, psychiatrist Dr. Arvinder Walia and the team at Northwest Psychiatry are here to help.

Depression Doesn’t Need a Reason

While we all understand that certain moments in our lives can lead to depression, we also recognize that there doesn’t always have to be a reason. We know that not having a reason for your depression can feel frustrating and confusing, but this is where our psychiatric team comes in. In some cases a simple chemical imbalance may be occurring in the brain, causing you to feel these intense emotions even when life seems to be going well. Don’t assume that something bad has to happen to have clinical depression.

There are Many Causes

Many factors increase a person’s likelihood of developing depression at some point during their lifetime and it is Dr. Walia’s job to determine the factors so that he and his team can provide you with effective medications and therapy to improve your symptoms. Depression can be caused by everything from stress and changes in the season to hormones and chemical imbalances. It is our job to figure out why you are experiencing depression and what we can do to treat the underlying cause and help you better manage your symptoms.

Depression isn’t Just Feeling Sad

It’s important to distinguish feeling sad from being clinically depressed. People tend to throw around the term depression when they mean they are feeling sad; however, clinical depression is so much more than just sadness that doesn’t go away. People with depression may also experience irritability, anxiousness, loss of sex drive, changes in appetite and sleep, trouble concentrating, and low energy. People with depression may no longer find joy in activities and hobbies they once loved. A patient has to display at least five of the common depression symptoms and they must last more than two weeks.

Kids Can Have Depression, Too

We often assume that depression is an adult disorder; however, we see many children and teens who are dealing with depression, too. It may just look a little different from an adult’s depressive symptoms, especially since children aren’t able to clearly verbalize that they feel scared or anxious, or hopeless. Indeed, kids don’t experience the same stressors that adults do but they can still experience bullying and other stressors that can lead to depression.

We have helped many patients gain control over their depression and we’re ready to help you. To schedule an evaluation with Dr. Walia at Northwest Psychiatry call
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